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Planning for Bushfire Protection

Following a comprehensive review and consultation with stakeholders, the NSW Rural Fire Service has developed a new edition of Planning for Bush Fire Protection (PBP).

The new edition incorporates lessons learnt from major bushfire events such as the 2009 Victorian Black Saturday fires, reflects updated research relating to fuel loads and updates building and construction standards.

It is anticipated that the new edition of PBP will become legislated on 1 May 2019, to coincide with the enactment of the National Construction Code 2019.

The Department is updating the relevant Regulations, State Environmental Planning Policies, a Regional Environmental Plan and Local Environmental Plans that reference PBP. The proposed amendments will replace the existing references to PBP or associated publications with a reference to the new edition of PBP or the relevant publication. Additional amendments are also proposed in some cases to ensure that the relevant provisions are consistent with the new edition of PBP. .

An Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) has been prepared to provide further details of the proposed amendments and will be exhibited until February 1 2019.

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All interested parties are invited to make a submission by 1 February 2019 on the proposed changes. We encourage councils to make a submission to the Department if they consider their LEP should also be amended.
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