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Amendments to SEPP 70 (Affordable Housing)

The Department of Planning and Environment seeks your feedback on proposed changes to State Environmental Planning Policy No. 70 – Affordable Housing (Revised Schemes) (SEPP 70) and draft guideline for developing an affordable housing contribution scheme.

SEPP 70 currently allows councils named in the SEPP to prepare an affordable housing contribution scheme (AHCS) for precincts, areas or developments within their local government area.

The NSW Government is responding to requests from local government to reduce red tape by proposing to include all councils across the State in SEPP 70. This will make it easier for councils to prepare AHCSs and increase affordable housing across NSW.

The amendments propose to:

• amend SEPP 70 to include all local government areas. This will mean councils will no longer need to seek the Minister’s approval to be included in SEPP 70.

• amend the definition of affordable housing in SEPP 70 so that household income outside of Sydney region is accounted for in the SEPP.

• amend one of the affordable housing principles in SEPP 70 to clarify that affordable housing is to be made available for very low, low and moderate-income households or any combination of these households.

The Department also seeks feedback on the draft guideline which aims to assist councils in developing AHCSs.

For more details read the Explanation of Intended Effect, draft guideline or FAQs.
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