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Retail in NSW

We are seeking your feedback on:
• the Discussion Paper Planning for the Future of Retail
• five strategic amendments to retail-related definitions within the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring the NSW retail sector remains the strongest in Australia. Over the past 10 years, the retail sector has changed substantially. Evolving technology along with rapidly shifting customer needs and expectations have required the retail sector to adapt their sales models and innovate in order to remain competitive. In many cases, this innovation has outpaced changes to the planning system.
Following on from the recommendations of the 2017 REAC report and subsequent conversations with stakeholders over the past several months, we have prepared the Planning for the Future of Retail Discussion Paper that describes how the NSW planning system could address the increasingly dynamic retail sector, and we are proposing five initial strategic amendments that aim to relieve the pressure on retailers to meet the needs of their customers.

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Exhibition Commences 03/04/2018
Exhibition Concludes 18/05/2018
Relevant Legislation Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan
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