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Department of Planning & Environment

Sydney Metro Northwest: proposed SEPP amendment

You are invited to have your say on a proposed amendment to the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 for the development of government-owned land adjoining the Sydney Metro Northwest corridor.

The proposed amendment to the State and Regional Development SEPP aims to ensure a state-led, consistent and transparent planning pathway for the development of government land within the eight station precincts along Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project; the $8.3 billion Sydney Metro Northwest.

Outlined in the consultation paper, the proposed amendment nominates the Minister for Planning as the consent authority for future development on identified government-owned land, if the development meets the criteria of State Significant Development.

State Significant Development must meet one or more of the following criteria:
- a principal subdivision establishing major lots or public domain areas
- the creation of new roadways and associated works
- has a capital investment value of more than $30 million.
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Key dates and other information
Exhibition Commences 08/06/2018
Exhibition Concludes 06/07/2018
Type Policies
Local Government Area The Hills Shire, Hornsby Shire