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Greener Places draft Policy

The draft Green Infrastructure policy, Greener Places: Establishing an urban Green Infrastructure policy for New South Wales – has been produced by the Government Architect NSW (GANSW) on behalf of NSW Government. It aims to guide the design, planning and delivery of Green Infrastructure in urban areas across NSW to create a healthier, more liveable, more resilient and sustainable urban environment by improving community access to recreation and exercise, walking and cycling connections.

Green Infrastructure is the network of green spaces, natural systems and semi-natural systems including parks, rivers, bushland, streets and private gardens that are strategically planned, designed and managed to support good quality of life in the urban environment.

The discussion draft for Greener Places has been developed and tested over the last 10 months with the assistance of a range of experts and stakeholders. It builds on Sydney Green Grid which forms part of the Plan for Growing Sydney, Draft District Plans and the Draft Sydney Regional Plan.

We are keen that as part of this formal consultation period we get the views of a range of people on the draft policy and its implementation.

This draft is for formal consultation with the community and stakeholders. All feedback will be considered and a final version will be developed during 2018.

We encourage you to make a submission on the discussion Draft of Green Places by 2 February 2018. Feedback received will be used to inform the preparation of the final policy.

Government recognises that it will be the implementation of the policy that will be critical so in additions to comments specifically on the draft policy we seek your input on:
• experiences to date developing and delivering green infrastructure projects
• examples of best practice both locally and further afield
• barriers to delivering green infrastructure and importantly opportunities to overcome these barriers

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