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Department of Planning & Environment

Draft Special Infrastructure Contribution Scheme for Rhodes East

The SIC framework provides assurance for the community, councils, businesses, developers and Government agencies that the infrastructure required to support new development within a Planned Precinct or Growth Area is funded.

The SIC model identifies the funding required to deliver infrastructure, based on the needs identified by the Department of Planning and Environment in consultation with relevant Government agencies and councils during the planning process. The Department is responsible for collecting and distributing SIC funds to relevant agencies and councils to coordinate project delivery.

The draft SIC for Rhodes East is currently on exhibition. All submissions will be considered and a report provided to the Minister for Planning before the Determination is made.
Once the SIC for Rhodes East is in place, the Department will consult with other State Government agencies and City of Canada Bay Council to determine the timing of project delivery, considering current and forecast development rates and infrastructure capacity.

The infrastructure schedule and rate will be reviewed periodically to ensure that the most appropriate infrastructure solutions are delivered to support growing communities over time.

You can view the draft Determination and make a submission below.

Note- an updated version of the Determination has been uploaded on 02 February 2018
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Exhibition Commences 14/12/2017
Exhibition Concludes 16/03/2018
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