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Department of Planning & Environment

Exhibition of Planning Proposal Sydney Metro Martin Place Station Precinct – PP_2017_SYDNE_007_00

The Minister’s delegate has appointed the Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment as the Relevant Planning Authority for this planning proposal.
The planning proposal seeks to amend Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 at 50 Martin Place, 9–19 Elizabeth Street, 8–12 Castlereagh Street, 5 and 7 Elizabeth Street, 55 Hunter Street (north site) and 39–49 Martin Place (south site) by:
• Increasing the building height for part of the south site up to the Hyde Park north sun access plane by amending the existing 55 metre height limit adjoining Martin Place from a 25 metre setback to 8 metres; and
• Inserting a new site specific clause that provides for additional floor space of up to 22:1 (on the south site) and 18.5:1 (on the north site) only where it is to be used for employment purposes.
Physical copies of the documentation will be available for viewing at the City of Sydney Council Town Hall House, Level 2, 456 Kent Street, Sydney.
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Exhibition Commences 02/11/2017
Exhibition Concludes 01/12/2017
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