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Draft State Environmental Planning Policy (Penrith Lakes Scheme) Amendment 2016

The NSW Government is seeking your feedback on proposed changes to the Penrith Lakes planning framework.

The draft amendment to the draft State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) (Penrith Lakes Scheme) proposes the creation of a precinct where the community can work and play, with a waterway zone, parklands, environmental area, tourist accommodation, employment area and homes.

The draft SEPP reflects the outcomes from investigations into flooding in the Hawkesbury Nepean flood plain. The NSW Government is currently drafting a flood risk mitigation strategy to be released next year.

The development of the lakes scheme was originally an agreement between the Premier, Planning Minister and Penrith Lakes Development Corporation (PLDC) in 1987 that allowed the site to be quarried in exchange for the rehabilitation and dedication of land to the NSW Government.

Quarrying activities on the site finished in September 2015 and PLDC has been progressively rehabilitating the site. Once rehabilitated by PLDC the land is given to the NSW Government as a series of connected waterways and parklands.

Development at the site will ensure the risk to life and property from flooding in this area is minimised. For this reason we have not committed to the types of residential development proposed by the landowners.

In total, around 1,500 hectares of land could eventually be handed over for the community to enjoy.

The NSW Government has proposed an amendment to the SEPP to rezone land for:
• a waterway zone of approximately 80 hectares;
• parklands covering approximately 110 hectares including the existing Sydney International Regatta Centre and Penrith Whitewater Stadium;
• an environmental area protecting approximately 118 hectares of land;
• an employment area covering approximately 33 hectares to provide low impact local employment opportunities;
• a tourism area of about 52 hectares that will protect heritage items such as the Upper Castlereagh Village, while promoting other uses such as cafes and tourist accommodation; and
• residential areas that will allow for a total of up to 30 dwellings on large lots of 2 hectares.

The remaining area of almost 1,330 hectares of Penrith Lakes will remain as ‘unzoned land’ and will allow for future strategic planning decisions to be made based on continuing discussions with the landowners, PLDC and Penrith City Council.

The draft Amendment is the first step in realising the Government’s broader vision for providing open space and recreation opportunities for the residents of Western Sydney.

You’re invited to have your say on the draft Amendments by:
• the online submission form below ; and
• by mail to:
Executive Director, Local Planning Liaison
NSW Department of Planning and Environment
GPO Box 39
Sydney NSW 2001

Submissions will be received on the draft Amendment until 23 December, 2016.
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