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Draft Medium Density Design Guide and Explanation of Intended Effect for the new Medium Density Housing Code

The NSW Government is seeking feedback on the draft Medium Density Design Guide. It has been prepared to help achieve better design outcomes for low rise medium density housing.

We are also seeking feedback on the Explanation of Intended Effect that explains the proposed complying development standards to be included in a new Medium Density Housing Code. The draft Code will allow some medium density housing as complying development. These changes give effect to the Design Guide for complying development applications.

The draft Design Guide was prepared to:
• assist developers, planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, builders and other professionals when designing homes and preparing a complying development proposal or a development application
• assist planning professionals in local and state government with strategic planning, the preparation of local planning controls and the assessment of development proposals
• set the benchmark and inform the community on what is required to achieve good design for medium density housing developments.

It is proposed that the Design Guide be used for both complying development and development applications to promote good design outcomes for medium density housing types across NSW.

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Exhibition Commences 12/10/2016
Exhibition Concludes 23/12/2016
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Relevant Legislation State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
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