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Department of Planning & Environment

Planning for a Sustainable Future: The Ingleside Precinct

Ingleside is a 700-hectare land release area in Sydney's Northern Beaches local government area, around 30 kilometres from the Sydney CBD.
Ingleside will be a sustainable development that meets the needs of a well-connected and diverse community, supported by local facilities and infrastructure.
The Department of Planning and Environment, Northern Beaches Council and UrbanGrowth NSW have worked with the community to prepare a Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy that illustrates Ingleside's potential for urban development and conservation protection.
The Ingleside draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy, which includes the Structure Plan, and technical studies are now available for public consultation.
We are also proposing to amend the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 to make Ingleside a Priority Growth Area.
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Key dates and other information
Exhibition Commences 02/12/2016
Exhibition Concludes 28/02/2017
Exhibition Location Department of Planning and Environment: Level 22, 320 Pitt St Sydney Northern Beaches Council 1 Park St Mona Vale
Relevant Legislation State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006
Exhibiting agency or agencies Department of Planning and Environment
Type Plans
Local Government Area Northern Beaches Council