Department of Planning & Environment

Expanding complying development to include two storey medium density housing types

A Discussion Paper was released to provide recommendations on additional housing types that could be included as complying development in the State policy for exempt and complying development.

These housing types include dual occupancy, manor homes, townhouses and terraces.

Proposal aims:
- to establish complying development rules for townhouses, terraces, villas, dual occupancies and manor houses, similar to those already existing for single dwellings;
- to reduce approval times and costs for homeowners; and
- to deliver more housing and greater housing choice, including more sustainable housing options.
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Key dates and other information
Exhibition Commences 27/11/2015
Exhibition Concludes 01/03/2016
Exhibition Location Department of Planning and Environment, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Relevant Legislation State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
Exhibiting agency or agencies Department of Planning and Environment
Type Policies
Local Government Area Statewide