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Guidelines for the economic assessment of mining and coal seam gas proposals

The NSW Government is asking for feedback on draft Guidelines for the Economic Assessment of Mining and Coal Seam Gas Proposals.

The guidelines have been updated to ensure economic assessments are more robust and consistent across NSW. In particular, the guidelines will have a greater focus on the impact of the project on the local community, as well as the state.

Economic assessments are used to inform consent authorities about the economic impacts of a major project, and are one of a number of factors considered in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

To assist you in providing feedback on the draft guidelines, we have also provided the results of two peer reviews commissioned by the Government as part of the development of the guidelines. These peer reviews were based on preliminary drafts of the guidelines.

Feedback from the reviewers has been incorporated into the current version of the draft guidelines. Tables summarising how the Government has incorporated the peer review comments are also attached for your information.

- Professor Grafton Peer Review – July 2015
- Vivid Economics Peer Review – Oct 2015
- DP&E Response to Professor Grafton Peer Review
- DP&E Response to Vivid Economic Peer Review

Valuation workbooks have also been developed alongside the draft guidelines to help users undertake the necessary steps to assess the impact of a proposed project. These Excel workbooks are displayed below.

Feedback invited
You can view and comment on the revised guidelines until 24 November, 2015.

You can make a submission by:
- uploading a submission response
- writing to the Deputy Secretary, Growth, Design & Programs Division, Department of Planning and Environment, GPO Box 39, Sydney, NSW 2001.
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