Under Consideration

Department of Planning & Environment

Plans to open up Sydney Olympic Park for more activities

We are proposing a change to our planning rules which could make the following permissible at Sydney Olympic Park:
o Child care centres
o Function centres
o Information and education facilities
o Markets
o Places of public worship
o Public administration buildings
o Respite day care centres
o Restaurants or cafes

We are also proposing a change to allow tourist and visitor accommodation within the Newington Armory site.

These changes could increase the space within the Parklands for recreation.
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Key dates and other information
Exhibition Commences 20/01/2015
Exhibition Concludes 27/02/2015
Exhibition Location • Department of Planning and Environment, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000. • Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Level 1/8 Australia Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park. • Auburn City Council, 1 Susan Street, Auburn.
Relevant Legislation State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Development) 2005
Exhibiting agency or agencies Department of Planning and Environment
Type Policies
Local Government Area Auburn Council