Department of Planning & Environment

Proposal to expand the Western Sydney Employment Area

The NSW Government has amended the State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009.

A new precinct called the Broader Western Sydney Employment Precinct has now been introduced. A Land Application Map will be updated to identify the new precinct boundary. These changes will not rezone land in the precinct.

The changes have allowed the NSW Government to dedicate 4,537 more hectares to economic growth in Western Sydney, providing the potential for more of the region's residents to work closer to home.
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Exhibition Commences 21/08/2014
Exhibition Concludes 15/10/2014
Exhibition Location Department of Planning & Environment: Level 5, 10 Valentine Ave, Parramatta; Department of Planning & Environment: 23-33 Bridge St, Sydney; Blacktown City Council: 62 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown; Fairfield City Council: 86 Avoca Rd, Fairfield; Liverpool City Council: 12-33 Moore St, Liverpool; Penrith City Council: 601 High St, Penrith
Relevant Legislation State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009
Exhibiting agency or agencies Department of Planning & Environment
Type Plans
Local Government Area Blacktown City Council, Fairfield City Council, Holroyd City Council, Liverpool City Council, Penrith City Council