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Swimming pool certifiers

The Building Professionals Board is seeking feedback about a proposal to introduce a new category of accredited certifier to inspect child resistant barriers around swimming pools and spa pools, and to certify compliance with the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

From 29 April 2015, residential properties and tourist accommodation with a swimming pool or spa pool must have a certificate of compliance for the pool barrier before the property can be leased or sold.

To respond to the anticipated demand for certificates of compliance, the Board is creating a new ‘E1 Swimming Pool Certification’ category. E1 certifiers will add to the number of accredited certifiers (in categories A1, A2 and A3), who can inspect and certify pool barriers.

The Board is exhibiting the Building Professionals Amendment (Accredited Certifiers) Regulation 2014 and amendments to its Accreditation Scheme, to create the E1 category.
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Exhibition Commences 06/08/2014
Exhibition Concludes 02/09/2014
Exhibition Location Online at or in person at the Building Professionals Board, Level 3, 3 Marist Place, Parramatta, or at the Department of Planning & Environment Information Centre, Ground floor, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney
Relevant Legislation Building Professionals Act 2005, Building Professionals Regulation 2007 and the Swimming Pools Act 1992
Exhibiting agency or agencies Department of Planning & Environment and the Building Professionals Board
Type Policies
Local Government Area Statewide
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