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Building Professionals Board report: Building Certification and Regulation - serving a new planning system for NSW

In early 2013, Mr George Maltabarow, now president of the Building Professionals Board, looked at ways to improve and refine the building certification system in NSW.

Mr Maltabarow's report, Building certification and regulation - serving a new planning system for NSW, makes recommendations regarding reforms to the building certification system and how it will operate with the new planning system.

We wish to advise of an amendment to the last paragraph on page 25 of this (Maltabarow) report, regarding the discussion paper "Improving building certification in Queensland".

Since the Maltabarow report was developed, Government consideration of the proposals in the Queensland discussion paper was put on hold, pending the outcomes of the Inquiry into the Operation and Performance of the (former) Queensland Building Services Authority.
Therefore, Appendix 5 of the Maltabarow report (Queensland certification - summary of key proposals) has been removed from this website.
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