Vigilanti Pty Ltd, Waterloo NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Waterloo Metro Quarter State Significant Precinct Study

We refer to the Waterloo Metro Quarter State Significant Precinct Study &
Waterloo Metro Quarter Over Station Development (Sydney Metro) and
make the following submission outlining my concerns with the proposal.
Our main concerns are as follows:
1. The Metro Quarter should not be assessed independently from the
Waterloo Estate State Significant Development Precinct. The project
was announced together and many aspects of the design in both SSDP’s
are connected to and reliant on the other. This includes but is not
limited to:
- Impacts of building heights on overall urban design outcomes, solar
access and overshadowing impacts to existing dwellings, and impacts to
protected flight paths to and from Kingsford Smith Airport.
- Increase in population and density over both precincts and the
impact on existing communities and infrastructure.
- Increased congestion and traffic caused by the combined increase in
traffic from both developments.
By assessing both major developments separately, it down plays the
impacts, and fails to consider the obvious cumulative impacts of both
of these developments combined. In particular, the overshadowing
impacts should not be assessed based on the current low density
environment, but should take into account the future high density
environment that will replace the area within Waterloo Estate.
2. The proposed planning changes makes provisions to amend the
allowable FSR to 6.1:1 (Clause 2.5). The current allowable FSR is
1.75:1. This equates to a 3.4 times increase in allowable GFA and an
extreme increase in density and population. Together with the proposed
Waterloo Estate development, it would make this area one of the
highest density precincts in Austraia. This is not even taking into
account the large number of high density precincts that are currently
in development in and around the area, including the nearby Green
Square over station development with FSR’s ranging from 4.57:1 to
6.55:1, and Zetland with areas of up to 5:1 FSR. This has already
caused enormous strain on existing transport infrastructure, with
worsening congestion along Botany Road, McEvoy St, and other
arterials. The proposed planning changes will introduce 4300
additional vehicles (source: City of Sydney) to an already dense and
congested area and will be further impacted by the introduction of the
Westconnex Connectivity Upgrade along McEvoy St. This level of density
should not be supported to not worsen the situation.
3. Of the 700 apartments proposed in the Metro Quarter, only 70 homes
are set aside for social housing and 35 for oetemporary”
affordable housing. With the ever-worsening housing crisis in
Australia, a high profile, large scale development like this should
aim for higher affordable housing targets so as to not worsen the
housing market. Access to high quality amenity, particular one that is
so close to high speed public transport, should include provisions for
key workers on lower incomes to ensure our city remains fair and
4. There is inadequate green space provided by the Over-Station
development proposal (15% low quality public open space) while the
claim of 53% is misleading as it includes non-accessible private roof
top gardens.
Thank you for your consideration of these concerns,
Yours Sincerely,

Eddie Ma
Director, Vigilanti