John Truman , of  St Leonards NSW, made the following submission on the project:

St Leonards and Crows Nest - Draft Special Infrastructure Contribution Plan

1. I object that the proposed development does virtually nothing to meet
the employment
goals for the area. The Greater Sydney Commission envisages thousands
of more jobs for
this area â€" not an oversupply of residential apartments.

2. I object in principle to the over-riding of Council planning
controls - and in particular I object
to the inconsistency of this specific proposal with North Sydney
Council’s ‘Placemaking and
Principles Study for Crows Nest’.

3. I object to the height and mass of the proposed buildings.
Buildings of this size are not
needed to meet Crows Nest’s requirements for increased residential
stock to meet Greater
Sydney Commission growth projections. The area is already ahead of the
2021 targets, plus
has several large residential towers already approved or under

4. I object to the blatant attempt in the DRAFT St Leonards Crows Nest
Plan 2036 to create a
high rise corridor down the Pacific Highway, including this Metro
Rezoning proposal. This
disregards the objective of protecting the ‘village atmosphere’ of
Crows Nest and ruins any
ability to transition from the tower developments to the surrounding

5. I object to the lost opportunity to create a civic open space on
the station site. Crows Nest
has a very low ratio of open area compared to built space.

6. I object to the proposed bulk and scale of towers. This will become
a ‘precedent’ for
developers to ‘justify’ the building of more over-sized
residential buildings in the area.

7. I object to the lack of any social housing or community housing
capacity in this proposal; or
of any elder care capacity in the proposed buildings.

8. I object to parking areas immediately above the railway station,
which will ruin the view and
amenity at street level.

9. I object that the Government knows there is a need for at least one
new primary school and
high school in this general area but has made no real attempt to
locate such a space. It
clearly does not intend to use the area above or adjacent to the
railway station for this

10. I object to the significant overshadowing effect from these
proposed buildings on to the
surrounding streets, particularly from Five Ways along Willoughby Road
up to Ernest Place.
I further object to the catastrophic effect the development will have
on Hume Street Park
which the Council has been improving and expanding over the last

11. I object to the Metro element being excised from the discussion on
the broader ‘St Leonards
and Crows Nest Plan’. It is at the discretion of the rail line
builders whether they make the
over station design an integral part of, or a completely separate
discussion to, the design of
the underground station: this is not some fixed feature of railway or
building construction. It
is purely a convenient commercial choice by them at this stage.