Stephen Wells , of  Crows Nest NSW, made the following submission on the project:

St Leonards and Crows Nest - Draft Special Infrastructure Contribution Plan

The Special Infrastructure Contribution Plan is basically bribery and we
see its affects now. It is strange how a proposal is approved at 49m
and then after $100k is "donated", that approval is then considered
for an increase to 130m.

There is a reason why Sydney is choking - there is too much high rise
being built with much of the profits heading offshore to international
owners - who don't live in Australia.

We haven't seen the basic infrastructure upgraded in St Leonards for
over 20 years thanks to the reluctance of the Council to perform the
work when construction is ongoing. Improvements are long overdue for
our footpaths, laneways and roads. It is clear that this work will not
happen for another 5+ years at this rate.

The streets in St Leonards are blocked already during peak hours and
this will only get worse with the massive volumes of apartments to be
built - don't think that everyone will get on the train or metro
because those transport methods will already be full by the time they
arrive in the suburb (as the train is often today in peak).

All these extra apartments means that we lose our natural heat and
light and therefore have to rely on electricity to manage our homes.
We are supposed to be a green country where we do not need to use as
much power as others. The Government is forcing people to spend more
and this will mean that many residents will ultimately move away to a
cheaper environment.

We already have a different climate in St Leonards (cold and windy)
than Crows Nest or even Naremburn or Cammeray. This will get worse
with more high rise blocks.