Evolve Housing, Parramatta NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

Evolve Housing is a dynamic, innovative, and successful Tier 1 Community
Housing Provider (CHP) who manages over 3,500 social and affordable
properties in NSW. We has demonstrated capacity and expertise in both
the development and management of private, affordable and social
housing properties, and in delivering the important social outcomes
that flow when these housing assets are carefully managed and the
tenants are supported to access appropriate services and supports.

We write in reference to the proposed amendment to parking provisions
for boarding houses and identify issues from a CHP perspective:

1. With our currently occupied boarding houses we find that the
provided parking is largely underutilised by our social and affordable
2. With land prices in the Sydney metro area being so high, as a CHP
we find it very challenging to secure land for affordable housing and
this makes it difficult to provide additional affordable rental
housing outcomes. One example, for one of our developments we had
three (3) attempts to securing a site for about 30 boarding house
apartments â€" being out bid on the first two occasions.
3. The proposed increase to the parking provision will reduce the
number of boarding house apartments delivered which will:
a. Reduce the number of affordable housing outcomes;
b. Reduce operational revenue and potential viability of an affordable
rental housing development â€" if basement parking is required this
will be much more expensive and likely mean the development is not
viable and cannot proceed.
4. If there are neighbour concerns with street parking we can utilise
a â€oelocal allocations strategy” where residents are not permitted
to have a car. We adopted this approach on a project where Council
advised of neighbourhood concerns about street congestion.

We seek that the proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding
houses are not implemented or that a CHP is exempt from the proposed