Koho Developments, Byron Bay NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

As the owner and operator of 18 Sunrise Blvd Byron Bay (an approved
twenty suite boarding house ) I do not support the increased parking
rates outlined in the draft amendment to the boarding house SEPP ARH.
An Increase to the applicable parking rate will result in a decrease
in the number of boarding house suites possible on a site and
therefore significantly reduce the financial viability of a project.
This will ultimately result in less affordable rental housing being

I submit this objection with detailed knowledge of the operation of 18
Sunrise Blvd Byron Bay, 120 Pittwater Rd Manly, 428 Pittwater Rd North
Manly. All three properties are boarding houses with a total of 41
suites. Had the parking rate been 0.5 parks per 1 room these projects
would NOT have proceeded.

It is also worth noting that a typical tenant in the boarding house's
mentioned above do not owne a car. Public transport, bikes and
scooters are the preferred means of transport.