Northern Beaches Council, NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

Northern Beaches Council appreciates the opportunity to comment upon the
proposed increased standards for car parking for Boarding houses in


Council supports the increased requirements but considers that
additional car parking should be required for visitors and/or
caretakers/onsite managers at a rate of one space per 3-6 units. In
addition, Council submits that this standalone initiative fails to
address an urgent and more far-reaching need to review all issues
associated with Boarding Houses.

Car Parking

Council supports the proposed changes but submits that 1 space per 2
boarding rooms is insufficient to provide for visitor demand and/or
caretakers/onsite managers as required.

The Manly DCP 2013 currently requires an additional ‘1 parking space
for on site manager and/or any other employee residing on the
premises’ for boarding houses.

In addition, all 3 Northern Beaches DCPs (Manly, Pittwater and
Warringah) require visitor parking for various residential development
types, and in particular Residential Flat Buildings, at a rate of
between 1 space per 3 units and 1 space per 6 units. Given that many
boarding house development developments are in effect oemicro
apartments”, there is strong case to include requirements for
visitor parking in the ARHSEPP.

Broader Review

We note the Departments’ advice that a review of other boarding
house provisions and the wider ARHSEPP is ongoing. However, Council
remains of the view that the policy fails to adequately address a wide
range of environmental impacts relating to car parking, traffic,
landscaped area/ open space, and the scale of permitted development.

At its meeting on 27 February 2018, Council resolved to write to the
Minister for Planning regarding these impacts. A copy of that letter
is attached for your information.

In summary, Council requested that a moratorium be placed on boarding
house development under the ARHSEPP until a review is undertaken to
ensure the controls adequately address local character; the provision
of appropriate infrastructure; and locational requirements to
transport hubs and business areas.

Council highlights the pressing need to address wider policy issues
with boarding houses and urges the NSW Government to deal with these
issues more comprehensively and holistically.