, kogarah NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

Our organisation has one NGBH currently operational at 14 Cook St
Mortdale, we have another site DA approved at 8 Daphne St Botany, and
have also consulted on several other developments.

As a result of the building boom, we're struggling to construct our
next development due to a spike in constructions costs, if this
proposal proceeds, it will add the need for basement levels to each
development, which would then make all of these developments

At our current development, over 80% of the residents don't have
vehicles and the main reason they reside on our property is due to its
proximity to shops and transport." within 100m of shops and station"

We understand that there are developers endeavouring to have these
projects in inappropriate R2 zonings, so if this is what the driver
behind this is, it may be the case that the change solely applies to
R2 zonings, which would then inhibit these developments in areas that
are not so heavily densified.

The current parking requirements should be left as status quo, in R3 &
R4 zonings as these developments will then become stifled and no
further developments will occur.

Attached is a report from REALESTATE.COM.AU, from October 16, when we
first marketed our project at Mortdale, you will notice, that we got
more than 20 times the average inquiry for our project as opposed to
other rentals in the area.

It is imperative that the viability of these projects is maintained,
in the zonings mentioned above, by curtailing these developments, it
will only have an adverse effect on the rental market.