(Name withheld) , of  North Bondi NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

As a Boarding House owner I wanted to pass on my comments in regards to
the car parking proposal to increase the ratio to 0.5.

We own two Boarding Houses, one in Ashfield (23 rooms) and the other
in Marrickville (21 rooms).
Firstly, I don’t know of any resident residing at either premises of
actually owning a car - so I would suggest the car parking increase is
of no value to our current residents.

Having recently gone through a DA process for our Marrickville
premises where there was previously no car parking to now supply 5 car
spots (under the current arrangement) has meant less rooms available
for low cost accommodation. As mentioned no one at those premises
actually has a car….

So by increasing it from 0.2 to 0.5 would mean less rooms available
for low cost accommodation under the FSR rules.

As a person trying to increase the amount of rooms available for low
cost accommodation this proposal would have a negative impact.
If I were to be putting in my DA after these rules are implemented -
we would not be able to make the rebuild work financially, as the
additional car spaces would require less rooms given the challenging
FSR rules, on my estimates at least 3 rooms less on the site. We would
not have gone ahead to redevelop as low cost accommodation under these

Moreover, I have been offered by a property developer to sell so they
could place 3 high spec town houses on the property. This policy
change would have more than likely led me to this outcome
unfortunately. I am very proud we can offer low cost accommodation in
the inner West but I do need to make a financial return on the capital
outlay and do have large mortgages to pay.