Don Davison , of  Randwick NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

The proposed increase in the "on site" car parking for boarding houses is
a modification that is not required or justified. The boarding house
that I am part owner of is located directly on a bus route and is
close to the light rail being completed in Randwick. The car parking
demand requirement is nil to low and residents predominantly use
public transport.
In any new boarding house proposals close to public transport any
additional enforced area of car parking would be best utilized as
landscaped space or other on site facilities, if it is underground it
would require considerable additional funds on the total cost of
Government would be best to carefully consider the additional costs on
a housing form that attempts to be for low cost affordable living. The
provision of the additional car parking is a cost that is non
recoverable from residents and a waste when it will not be used. The
cost benefit is doubtful as the more you load up additional costs the
more nonviable the provision of low cost housing becomes.
If an existing building is being converted into a boarding house it
will most probably be impossible to provide such a high area
requirement for car parking.
Government should explain how this requirement has come about or what
studies on car parking have been undertaken as it does not make any
sense for boarding houses.
What should be done by Government is a total viable policy evaluation
of low cost housing rather than multiple ad hoc modifications such as
what is proposed. Low cost housing in a city such as Sydney with its
extreme land costs continues to be a major problem without the
capacity of regulatory planning flexibility.