Garry Allman , of  Caringbah NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

I have run a private registered boarding house since 2005, with 10 rooms
in total, in that time I have never had more than 2 residents with
cars and usually 0. The rooms were built ahead of their time having
private kitchens and bathrooms . My Boarding house at Sutherland was
within easy level walk to station and shops.
There is no way the majority of guests could even think about the
expense of running a car.
There is no issue with parking, there is a problem with the definition
of affordable housing. There is a move to higher rent studios under
the current act attracting singles with disposable income and the
ability to maintain a motor vehicle. The other problem is the
manipulating of the parking requirements of unit developers masking
the occupancy of units with studies and other imaginative description
to avoid extra parking for bedrooms. This proposal is absolute
madness, all that will be achieved is higher vagrancy rates especially
with single, aged and disability pensioners. I am currently looking to
purchase and build a new facility, there is no way in the world I will
proceed while this lunacy prevails. The so called extra affordable car
spaces will be privately let, particularly near stations and achieve
To start at the very least buildings under 300 square metres and 12
rooms as per 1B of the Australian building code and accessible under
the current code should be exempt from any change. Changes to large
higher density facilities should be in line with room rates not room
Now I have identified and solved this issue can I please have the 6
figure salary paid to the moron that came up with this