Gus Fares Architects, Parramatta NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

Dear Sir/Madam;

I will be very brief and to the point; as there is not need for too
much explanations;

Whilst the idea to increase the number of carparkings for a boarding
house sounds good in principle and resolves the problems of the
adjoining properties; however the fact of providing affordable form of
development become not affordable at all;

As an architect who is involved with designing many boarding house
since the instruction of the ARSEPP; I could simply say that this
requirement will immediately restrict the boarding houses on small to
normal medium sites (450-700sqm) due to the constraints of providing
this number of car even for a small boarding house of 10 rooms will
need 5 cars and everybody knows that 5 cars are not possible on a
small site without basement parking and therefore the cost will
skyrocket and the boarding house will never be built especially if the
site is narrow and cannot accommodate a basement parking.

Again this is an affordable form of development and if we increase the
cost on the developer the cost will be passed on to the consumer and
render the project un-affordable.

I urge the department to ignore and review this proposed amendment to
the ARHSEPP. Or maybe do not use a general requirement for all
boarding houses; boarding houses that are within a good access to
transport should be exempt from this new requirement;

I think that if this new amendment passes people would rather go for
residential flat units (where permissible) rather than this lower cost
form of development;

thank you

Gus Fares