Simon Rees , of  Sydney NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

Dear NSW Department of Planning & Environment

More than doubling the car parking allocation within accessible areas
is a knee jerk reaction to the anti-development and NIMBY demographic
that plagues Sydney. The groups protesting about car parking rates are
using this as an excuse to have boarding houses shut down completely.
They are the same people who still believe boarding houses are
occupied by drug addicts, and transients in and out of jail.

Boarding house residents within inner city/inner west areas, where
most of the boarding houses are constructed such as Sydney, Surry
Hills, Redfern, Marrickville, Ashfield, Burwood, Strathfield etc do
NOT own vehicles, the car spaces that are currently constructed
regularly go unused by residents, with owners leasing them out
externally to other people who frequent the area.

In suburban fringe areas, yes there is a higher requirement for car
parking, however this is still far below a strata titled 1 bedroom

Currently the cost to purchase land and construct a boarding house
approximately equals what the boarding house is worth when completed.
Unlike what the anti-development groups will tell you, "greedy"
developers are NOT making huge profits from the construction of
boarding houses. Their returns are far less than residential flat
buildings, and the developer must hold the property long term in order
to make a reasonable return on their investment.

If the car parking rates are increased to those proposed, this will
substantially increase construction costs resulting in the cost of the
land and construction costs totalling more than the value of the
boarding house when completed. This will only result in a significant
reduction in affordable housing supply.

In addition, the changes will result in developers seeking sites with
lower land costs, which will be in areas with less accessibility i.e
low density suburban areas increasing the problem.

The complaints around car parking are emanating largely from
developments proposed in low density R2 zones such as Forestville. The
problems in these areas however are due to the underlying controls
under the LEP, not the ARHSEPP.

Boarding houses are a critical part of rental housing within Sydney,
however your proposed changes are going to have huge unintended
ramifications for the industry. There needs to be larger allowances
for boarding houses within areas with accessible public transport than
suburban R2 Low Density areas. Your proposed changes do not recognise
the different requirements in varying locations, and shows a
significant lack of understanding of boarding house resident needs.