Duncan Smith , of  Gladesville NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

On Saturday, March 31st my dog was knocked down by a speeding motorist
racing down Massey Street, with the increased traffic in Gladesville
that has been approved, how long before it is a child who gets hit.

The number and diversity of developments currently being undertaken in
Gladesville is very worrying, the centre already suffers with the way
Ryde and Hunters Hill council both view it disdain which has an
obvious impact on the town centre.

We know a huge number of projects are either coming to completion or
in the pipeline so any data on roads and parking is irrelevant as the
combined impact of development and loss of parking is yet to be felt.

This particular development will by its nature attract residents with
cars and should therefore be responsible for provision of parking on
the site. As a resident of Massey Street i suffer from the lack of
parking space and the busy road.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice my views, note i missed the
opportunity to register my objection to the GSV development and
lastly, the dog survived.