Freedom Development Group, Drummmoyne NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

Boarding houses provide an affordable and effective housing solution for
a range of people. These changes I believe will have negative impact
in the following ways:

1. Reduce New Supply- With Sydney experiencing significant issues with
affordable housing this proposed change will significantly limit new
stock on the market. If the parking requirements are increased to 0.5
then many of the new properties for potential development simply would
not be feasible. The main problem is that there would be significant
increase in costs to facilitate the off-street parking.

2. New boarding houses will be approved in less than desirable
locations- The best locations for boarding houses are close to train
stations within close proximity to the CBD. If they are not close to
train stations then ferry, bus or light rail needs to be considered.
The issue is that the closer you are to train stations then the
density generally increases e.g. higher FSR, high density zoning. The
other problem is that the lot sizes for these properties are
significantly less. If the parking requirements change then developers
will be unable to achieve the same number of rooms on these sites. In
contrast developers are likely to be able to achieve the same number
of rooms in R2 zoning areas which are less desirable and are generally
in less accessible areas.

3. New Parking requirements are unnecessary given current many current
uses- Many boarding house rooms are offered to individuals that come
from inter-state and overseas on medium to short term contracts. These
individuals do not own or lease a car and the current car parking
requirements are more than adequate to service their needs. The only
requirement for these individuals is access to transport which the
SEPP already requires. A review of many boarding houses would show
that many of the parking spaces are currently not filled.

We request that the minister rethink the proposed parking changes. If
the minister decides to pursue this change then we believe this should
be in association with an increase in room size from 25 to 35 sqm. We
also believe that the minister should make an allowance and encourage
car sharing and that 1 car sharing space on-site should be equivalent
to 3 normal car parking spaces.