(Name withheld) , of  charlestown NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

This amendment has been poorly advised.
As such, it raises a few concerns for us here:-

1. Can a draft instrument be provided for exhibit (for review and
discussion). There is limited information (apart from the carspace
change) so it is therefore difficult to make an informed decision with
DA's that are in progress.

2. What are the 'facts and evidence' supporting the need for the

3. What is the process and/or expected date for the amendment to be

4. What are the potential impacts on projects not yet lodged or

Providing this basic information would allow us 'mum and dad'
investors the ability to make an informed decision and not waste our
hard earned money in a full DA process that will not proceed based on
the amendments.