(Name withheld) , of  Greenwich NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

There is a serious shortage of affordable housing in Sydney.
The affordable housing SEPP intention I thought was to help with this
By increasing the car parking requirement will stop the abilty for
boarding houses to be built. Commecially building car spaces makes no
It is impossible to make 0.5 cars per room works from a planning and
built form perspective on most sites. I own a low rental accomodation
building in a regional area and none of the occupiers - 20 in total
have cars so to have an empty car park makes no sense.
If the high car park ratio was insisted upon it would be very diffcult
to justify the overall proposal from a character perspective due to
the high car park ratio.
If Planning does not want boarding houses to be built recind the
legislation entirely.
Boarding houses in accessible areas should actually have no parking
requirement so as to encourage public transport and get cars off the