Norma Halsey , of  Wheeler Heights NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

The changes don't go far enough. The mere fact I could demolish my house
and build a multi-dwelling on the land but i cannot build a pair of
townhouses or duplexes to house two generations of my family makes
absolutely no sense.

These boarding houses provide 'low cost' housing for only a few years
which makes a mockery of the loophole developers use. There needs to
be other rules put in place, ie. They should be 'low cost' forever,
not just 5 or 10 yesrs. They should be strictly for our essential
service stsff. Nurses, police etc to keep them in the area and not for
all and sundry who are able to fudge their income to qualify. They
should have a rental/eventual sale price of no more than,say, 60% of
market value. We have seen advertisements in our lical paper for
rentals in developments which were originally built as low cost
housing and now that five years have past they are up for rent at
market value. Short term low cost such as these boarding houses is not
the answer. You are merely 'pushing the problem down the road' and
apoeasing yhe greedy developers.

These are jusr a few suggestions and should be mandatory. That would
firstly sort out the genuine developers (of which there would be very
few) and also show the public that the Government is genuine sbout
addressing the low cost housing issue for genuine members of our
essential services because at the moment the public has no faith in
what is being said and done about this issue.

In addition, you could actually provide a lot more low cost housing by
conducting a thorough audit of public housing and evicting people who
are still ocvupying homes too big gor them now their families have
moved our or have an income higher than a pensioners because if
pensioners can live in private rentals on their Centrelink payments
pkus rent subsidy so can publuc housing tenants who have outgrown
their initial requirements.