Jodie Gale , of  Allambie Heights NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed amendment to parking provisions for boarding houses: ARHSEPP

Thank you for raising the spaces to 0.5.

I grew up in a unit on Quirk Road Manly Vale and over the years,
personally experienced the overcrowding, noise pollution, and lack of
space that goes hand in hand with apartment living.

All of the units built there only have one car space per unit
(studios/1&2 bedrooms) - it has become impossible to park on the
street due to overcrowding. It is especially dangerous when the large
number of rubbish bins are placed out on the street. The visibility
exiting driveways is extremely dangerous.

Considering many of the existing boarding house applications hold up
to 2 people per 'micro apartment' - a half a car space per micro
apartment is still not sufficient. At least one car space per
apartment should be the minimum.

Affordable housing doesn't mean that people do not own cars. Some of
the recent applications on the Northern Beaches are nowhere near
transport hubs and therefore, the majority of residents will require a

There are several issues that need addressing:
a) developers are creating 'fake' boarding houses due to flaws in the
SEPP. They are often seen advertised on AirBnB for above market value.
They can sell them off to whoever after a period of time for whatever
they want. This is not affordable housing.
b) boarding houses are medium to high density and should therefore not
be encouraged and approved in low density residential streets. They
are out of character and will destroy the current community feel in
quiet, low traffic, residential streets
c) if the car spaces are not at least one per unit, boarding houses
should be built on transport hubs, not in residential streets and
areas where the transport is only 1 bus an hour and should be placed
where transport supports key workers who often work shift work - after
all, isn't this one of the target populations?!
d) the infrastructure should be in place to support housing growth. We
have just heard that on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the tunnel is
many years away and road around the hospital are running 1-2 years
behind. Put a stop on all future (unplanned for) development until our
infrastructure can cope with it.
e) In line with the Northern Beaches Council's request, give some
power back to local councils so that any development can be planned
for in conjunction with the community's needs - after all - it is us
that voted you and the council members in - there are 1000s of unhappy
community members - start listening to us - stop giving developers a