Friends of the GreenWay, Dulwich Hill NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

Friends of the GreenWay are pleased that the value of the GreenWay is recognised in the proposed development plans. The community would like to see it completed and it's intrinsic value maintained. Currently development at Grove Street and at the Allied Mill sites is encroaching on land allocated to the GreenWay.
In the Dulwich Hill plans it is pleasing to note that there will be a pedestrian crossing of the light rail before Dulwich Hill Grove. This crossing should also allow bikes to cross.

Generally Friends of the GreenWay are very concerned about the rate of over development and lack of planning for the infrastructure to cater for the influx of population. It is worrying that the GreenWay is continually cited as providing the open green space that such an increase in population requires. Already before the completion of the massive Grove Street development Johnson Park & Arlington Reserve are packed on weekends.
In addition the small areas of vital bush regeneration are continually under threat from unscrupulous dumpers of building waste material.
Cyclists and pedestrians attempting to access the GreenWay will be put at risk by increased traffic. The light & heavy rail systems are struggling to cope now. What will happen when the heavy rail is out of action for months? Even when the metro line is reopened it will have reduced carrying capacity.
It is important that planners listen to the community. The lack of affordable housing will force people to relocate away from their support networks.
The GreenWay must be finished as a viable and safe active transport path not modified according to the whim of developers.