Golden Osmanthus Pty Ltd, Dulwich Hill NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

I don’t understand or agree with the new changes for the corridor strategy for my suburb of Dulwich Hill. Close inspection the changes were not in line with the future planning for this suburb. Removing streets surrounding the shopping district is a poor move and a lack of future judgement of the expected rise in population for the inner west in the next decade. We all know land around shopping centres and railway are the most logical to rezone to maximise the use. Also those areas will have the most foot traffic and will become busy roads and areas due to its location. So it makes perfect sense for high density dwellings. I strongly believe the changes to remove those areas where to satisfy the Save Dully Action Group who has been protesting heavily for the whole of Dulwich Hill to be heritage listed. This is a disgrace and disappointing that the government is influenced by these groups and not looking at the long term picture for my suburb. If you talk about narrow lot sizes as the reason that is just an excuse the whole of Dulwich Hill traditional all have narrow lot sizes with set back issues on single lots. That’s why we need amalgamation for development I believe areas closer to shopping districts will have a better chance from developers than along Hercules or Terrace Rd where there are already many old multi dwelling buildings.