(Name withheld) , of  Canterbury NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

I am concerned that there are lots of concrete plans for thousands of apartment but only very vague plans for the infrastructure that will support them.
"Possible park", "possible school" are common terms in this report, but as I live near the Canterbury-Campsie border, I am concerned that the schools my kids will attend in a few years are going to be packed to the rafters, and that there will be nowhere for them to play as they get older.
I am concerned that there are no concrete plans to improve the amenity of the suburbs, or to improve the basic infrastructure of the area. The state of the Cooks river at Canterbury is a disgrace, and a dangerous disgrace should, god forbid, anyone ever be unlucky enough to fall in it, but no concrete funding has been allocated to fix it.
The local schools are already at bursting point.
All the stormwater from Campsie runs down our street to the river, but the size of the pipes have not been updated in decades, so the street - which doesn't have footpaths - turns into a raging flood in heavy rain.
The apartments that have been built at Canterbury station already are ugly and seem poorly finished, there's already water stains on the walls, and there are big sections that appear unfinished.
I am anxious about how the whole region is going to cope, and how I am going to get my kids to school and myself to work, when the rail line is shut down for metro construction.
I understand that the city needs more housing stock but i am very concerned that it is not being done properly or sustainably, and the constant announcement of plans to "fast track" the priority precincts fills me with with no confidence about the quality of the planning.
In short, please ensure that planning for green space, traffic management, physical amenity and, most importantly, schools, keeps up with the planning for housing.