Marrickville Cricket Club, Marrickville NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

Mackey Park is already under significant pressure and getting rundown. With the proposed significant increase in population in the Carrington Rd area and close to Mackey Park, and the increased pedestrian and playing traffic at the Park and playground, we strongly urge the following:
(1) upgrade the clubhouse / amenities building to improve the toilets, change-rooms and kitchen. The new amenities building at Edwards Park, Concord is a good example.
(2) build a wide pedestrian / cycle bridge over the Cooks River between Mackey Park and Gough Whitlam Oval. That would deal with the very dangerous walkway around near Tempe Station, and also open up the parks, etc on the southern side of the Cooks River for new residents.
(3) put a protective fence between the Mackey Park playing area and the playground - to stop cricket and soccer balls hitting kids.
(4) Work with the Concordia Club and CHPRSL to upgrade its facilities and open it onto the Park.
(5) build a commuter carpark for Tempe station with a new synthetic football field on top, perhaps on the eastern edge of Waterworth Park or on the site of the Concordia Club (which could be built into the design. There are no residences on that side of the park, and the pitch would be very well patronised.

The proposed improvements in the Arncliffe area are nice, but are too far away to provide recreation space for the new population in the Carrington Rd area.

I am very happy to meet with planners / officers on site to discuss these proposals.


Antony Sachs