Matthew Bogunovich , of  Marrickville NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

I oppose the concept, and conversion of the Sydenham-Bankstown rail corridor to metro-style rail. It is being imposed and is a fait accompli. The public's views will influence only peripheral details at most.

An opportunity to extend rail to large parts of Sydney, currently without proper public transport, is being squandered.

There is a high degree of greenwashing in the strategy documents.

Proposals such as extending the Greenway, constructing plazas, and improving the Carrington Road cycleway are in some places used to sell the strategy; however elsewhere are clearly stated to be potential features.

This is in contrast to proposals such as redevelopment and higher-density apartment blocks, which (naturally) will unquestionably be delivered, and are about to transform communities right along the corridor.

Given that you refer to them so prominently in the documents, the ultimate delivery of genuine civic improvements such as active transport routes will be a test of both your good faith and the real intentions behind the Strategy.

I urge the completion of a segregated cycleway to Sydenham station - along Marrickville Road, and linking properly with existing cycle routes - before the Bankstown corridor is closed down for conversion works.

Apart from its permanent utility, this cycle path would at least give commuters within cycling distance of Sydenham the ability to access train services quickly. Throughout the construction period, they will be spared the dismal state of being dependent on the Sydney bus system. It will also increase the appeal of the eastern end of Marrickville Road, currently a barren and neglected streetscape.