(Name withheld) , of  CAMPSIE NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

Following a discussion with 7 neighbours that all live on the same side of the street that I am on, we strongly feel that the height restriction for potential new dwellings must be increased back to the original figure of 6 stories.
The reason for this is identified in the close proximity that out address holds to all the amenities that Campsie has to offer. All these reasons are highlighted in the attached document (PowerPoint).
I am representing community members that do not have English as their first language and another neighbour of mine whom does not have access to a computer. However on average we have been living in the are for the past 30 years and feel that this renewal of land use and subsequent rezoning activity is the BEST thing that has happened to our area, furthermore the introduction of the new Metro which will encompass quicker trains in peak hour and broader areas to cover will finally put provide the developed country we are with the respective government infrastructure investment. Most importantly, we all feel that this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to re-develop and urbanise the neighbourhood will increase the housing supply and subsequent housing affordability for new home owners and families on lower budgets. this opportunity to buy a home close to the city with close-by amenities is the best development opportunity we have seen in our area for as long as we can remember. We fully support this initiative and urge for a finalised strategy to be completed soon.
please refer to the attachment for our reasoning behind increasing the height of the allowable building sites back to the initial 6 stories that were proposed and with the subsequent increase in floor-to-space-ratio we can have development opportunities that will greatly add to the larger cause of increasing housing and making it more affordable.
As stated in the attachment, given our homes run along the priority precinct and given we have most of the major bus routes that connect to Beamish street running on Brighton Ave we believe the additional story should be granted to the medium rise housing as is similar to the whole corridor for up to 6 stories. please review the attachment and please contact me if you are unable to access it - and please consider re-instating the allocation of stories back to the original figure of 6, as we already have apartment blocks across the road from us that are already 6 stories high along Beamish street. it will match the character of the area and ensure the economic and business activity that Campsie is the hub for will remain for the generations to come.

To finish up on, in the first two rounds of community feedback, we felt that 6 stories was adequate for housing as it matched the current levels of development in that area that are up to 6 stories high. Hence, we provided feedback that this will meet the need for increased housing supply to tackle affordability. However, this submission for the re-instatement back to 6 stories is being requested here as it was reduced back in this last iteration. there are many families currently living in sub-adequate granny-flats due to the unavailability of housing. We do not regularly look at urbanising suburbs and if are doing it, we want to ensure that it is being done properly, so please analyse the possibility of reverting back to 6 stories along this section of Brighton Ave (up to Tennyson Street)- thankyou.

thank you for allowing us to comment. all names and addresses can be supplied upon request.