Briony Magoffin , of  Marrickville NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

The revised draft still adds more dwellings and no infrastrure. Since living her (17years) the traffic has quadrupled bc of the unsupported development of Canterbury. More people need more services, more public transport, better roads, more bike paths, more green space (golf courses do not count as they are not multipurpose) more schools, public schools that are not crumbling and overstretched/crowded, more hospitals (likewise). The only winner here seems to be the developer. I want to see good urban development with a long term plan not a money making sell off of our state.I am not against medium/high density housing when done well but so far you have created development that will be torn down in 10 years bc it is cheap, and unsupported by infrastructure. You only get one chance at providing this community with adequate green space and you have failed. What is the greenspacce /person ratio for Marrickville?