Matthew Gee Kwun Chan , of  Earlwood NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

My response to Sydenham to Bankstown corridor strategy 2017.pdf
Responding to Sydenham to Bankstown corridor strategy 2017
I am a visually impaired person assisted by my parents and who thank you for allowing me to make a
submission to the strategy.
I am concern that a section of rail corridor that may be part of extending light rail from Dulwich Hill
to Hurstville via Hurlstone Park and Thompson street, Earlwood would be lost to other development.
A number of railway stations are yet to have platform tactile tiles and elevators, what will be that
timeline for installation for each station?
It is questionable how infrastructure at Canterbury South public school be improve without acquiring
properties adjacent to it.
Will the plan involve removing stairs between Old Canterbury Road and Sugar Mill to provide a
direct accessible route between Canterbury station and Cooks River playground?
To what extent can Canterbury Racecourse be reutilised for school sport carnivals? Any residential
development should be restricted to the existing convention centre and the inner most section of the
Canterbury Racecourse circle/oval
The metro team should first modify the Canterbury station platform as the wide gap between train and
platform is not only horizontal but also vertical. In developing directly above the existing Canterbury
station, the access toilets should be relocated into the building after construction of the building. The
current access toilet location would perhaps be the entrance/exit of the yet to be built building directly
above Canterbury station. Also, this building propose above Canterbury station should connect with
Charles Plaza.
Perhaps the Audi supermarket and car-park should be considered for an increase in density.
Will Old Canterbury Road have bus lanes to assist buses in heavy traffic during peak times?
Will the pedestrian bridge crossing over Old Canterbury Road in Canterbury have braille buttons and
voice output?
It is questionable whether water infrastructure funded through development levies would include new
additional and improving existing pumping stations along the Cooks River and feeding stormwater
inlets to deal with increasing time periods of flooding.
The development of Campsie Shopping Centre into a high-rise building should first fill the lowest carpark
basement with concrete to provide foundations, and then develop the underground car-parking
basement nearest to street level into residential/retail/commercial spaces first. After this, will the
Campsie Shopping Centre high-rise have bridges to connect with the high-rise block between Amy
street and Anglo Road?
Will the plan involve blocking more sections of Anglo Road, Campsie to join Anzac Park with Anzac
Mall and thus removing car parking spaces?
In developing the space above Campsie station which may provide a second entrance to Campsie
station, will wayfinding mechanisms to enable persons with disabilities to quickly find the railway
entrance through the maze of the plaza? Will the Campsie RSL redevelopment be connected to the
Campsie station Plaza by bridges?

I again thank you in allowing me to make a submission and look forward to your response and possibly assisting you.