Amendra Sharma , of  CAMPSIE NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy

I have lived in this area my whole life and we are finally getting some well deserved attention for a revitalised community with a new METRO station (direct link to North Sydney) and newer homes and opportunities to purchase dwellings in the area.
The Metro is greatly needed to mirror the efficiency that other developed countries enjoy with this investment in public transport.
The greatest change is the increased opportunity to purchase a new dwelling, there are so many homes occupying large pieces of land that are placed in highly central locations - it will be great to see increased housing near Beamish Street and on Brighton Ave Campsie (which has the major bus links to the city and to Burwood). Housing opportunities on Brighton Ave Campsie are rare and with the proposed increased housing it provides a perfect opportunity for first home owners to finally get a 'foot in the door' of the housing market. We desperately need an increased supply of housing in Campsie to control the unprecedented levels of demand and have an opportunity for all walks of life (even those on a smaller budget) to possibly acquire a dwelling on Beamish St Campsie or Brighton Ave Campsie.
I have family that have been living in the area for the past 5 decades and we would all love to live close by to the amenities of the shops, schools and especially the access to public transport - whilst being close to family. There are many people in the community that would like to see the presence of increased housing opportunities and ensure that Campsie can accommodate the lifestyle that we have always been used to.
Campsie has many Asian families from and it is in our culture to be close to our families and maintain a 'close association' with friends and loved ones. By increasing the supply of housing there will be increased opportunity for sustaining this aspect and ensuring that the government is working with the local community.
Character - It would be great to see as many 6 to 7 storey dwellings as possible, to ensure this is maintained with the CURRENT levels of housing apartments that the Campsie neighbourhood has. I strongly believe to introduce a gradual introduction of increased housing in the area, submissions of up to 6 or 7 stories (orange section) should be granted priority approvals as opposed to the 9 stories plus (+) sections (red and grey sections) that have been proposed for the main shopping area. By doing this, the impact on the increased housing and subsequent population will morph more gradually into a sustainable solution as opposed to approving all the high rises all at once and significantly increasing the population too quickly.
I write this document on behalf of many community members that have the FULL SUPPORT behind the proposed land use changes and we are all in FULL SUPPORT of Campsie being the priority precinct in the corridor - our biggest obstacle in that area is the lack of housing opportunities and subsequently the lack of housing affordability. We need to increase the supply of homes for people to live in and avoid the increase of 'shoddy' granny flats that are popping up in the area to accommodate for housing.
I am very glad the government has taken stronger measures to reduce the competition that domestic first home owners have with the international purchasers. I strongly believe that the increased opportunity to build and the fast-track of submission approvals will ensure greater portions of the community can have ease of access to the amenities along Beamish street and the bus links to on Brighton Ave Campsie.

With the recent budget allocating additional investments for community services, I feel this is the greatest opportunity and positive input that the local community has had in decades.

Thank you for the opportunity to have our say and please finalise the strategy as soon as possible - thank you.