Michael PERROUX , of  Watsons Bay Sydney NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Legislative Updates

NSW planning is an absolute disgrace ruled by political donations and jobs for the boys. This mass corruption must end. We need strict planning laws that take into account community concerns. We are building a city of empty apartments largely Chinese owned while Australians sleep on the street. Rediculous!! Now that almost of our inner city industrial areas have gone there is rising unemployment and under employment. Further our road system does not work due to this corrupt over development.It took last week 7 hours to drive from Leichhardt to Wethril park and back recently. Our economy can't operate as well as our population is spending most of the day traveling to work and back. We need an even mix of industrial and residential for this city to operate. Tokyo for example has this and almost no traffic jams. This city is an absolute not funny joke!! Caused by our mass corruption.