Paul Vonwiller , of  PO Box 123 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Legislative Updates

Dear Sir/Madam


This is being owner of the land of our Garial (Aborigine). To pay our respect to our traditional plus the pass and present plus the elderly.
We have to think long-term about the environment, on how to be sustainable.
Now is the time to think about recycling, composting food scrap and to establish a vegetable garden bed.

How to go about IT.

If you have bottles (glass jars) aluminium cans, metal cans, paper (e.g. Disposing Fliers, leaflets and newspaper). To use the separate recycling bin to place it.
Recycling is the way to go. We need to reduce our landfill that is causing methane and is not doing any long-term good for the environment. Landfill is getting too much that is having an impact. It will soon run out of space.

To provide a recycling bin, to put a label for papers, bottles, cans, tins and jars on the bin.

When you have been drinking from a bottle and can give it a rinse plus jar, wash it before disposing into the recycle bin. Advantage for this exercise.

To use a separate bin, food scraps. Onion is the only that is excluded from putting into the food scrap. Food scrap goes into the compost bin that breaks down. It is good for the garden. It is very much long-term benefit to the environment that provides fertilizer and nutrient to plants for healthy growth.

Recycling: there is recycling centre at Chullora, Taren Point, and Eastern Creek near Penrith. Where there is a sorting out in a disposal waste. Some of the rubbish goes into to making soil and recycle most of the material.
I have been on an excursion to these recycling centre.

Also there is a Reverse Garbage under the Community Centre, 8/142 Addison Rd, Marrickville.

Have pride, by caring for the environment. That is all our interests.

You may know that Clean up Australia is a volunteer organisation launched in 1989. It is held the first Sunday in March. The bottles and can they pick up goes for recycling.

Vegetation (Green) Bin is used for pruning trees, weeds, leaves

Vegetable Garden: to establish a garden bed. Look at growing for example: - tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, herbs, and carrots.

A workshop to establish a vegetable garden. Also look at growing fruits e.g. apples and oranges if there is an enough room. Have a garden bed in the back yard, sowing seeds to establish vegetables.

Environ bank:-There is an Environ bank at a few locations where you can register, to get a scanning card when you dispose plastic bottles and aluminium cans. You get points each time you to this and then you get given an item of choice.
The best to apply for an Environ bank card is to Google (Environ bank).

To help tackle Climate Change. Common sense that it can’t be ignored. It is a very important issue. Climate Action Group has recently launched its campaign. There are many organising groups to help contribute for a sustainable environment and more are being launched. For example: Australia Conservation Foundation ACF.
350. org is handled by a well-known presenter Bill McKibbon.
We are at the stage focusing on Clean Renewable Energy to help phase out dirty emissions. Beyond Zero Emission BZE that was launched in 2012. There is a growing supporter.

When I shopped in Bunnings I noticed now there are re-chargeable powered operated lawn mowers, whipper snipper blow torch. It is recommended, for the environment and the safety.

Stop wasting food that goes into landfill. It needs rationalizing. Think about the starvation around.

National Tree Day is held every last Sunday in July. It was launched in 1995. Also there are other groups, Landcare that runs a program for bush regeneration. These make a good cause for the environment.

World Environment Day is held on 5th June every year.
There are more Climate Action rally plus a march along the streets. That are occurring. More people are trying to help convince and persuade the politicians and industry that are polluting the environment.
World Wide Fund for Nature WWF. I help do a monthly donation.
There is more action to help save marine life and endangered and threaten species.

Earth Hour is held in March every year. Switch lights off for one hour launched in 2007.

WestCONnex Action Group is protesting against the construction of the WestCONnex. It is bad planning by our current government. Better to alternatively focus on public transport (e.g. light rail to rail links), more walk ways and cycle ways. It is the way to go. We can’t keep constructing motorways that is not the long-term solution to the traffic grid lock. They are doing better in other cities like New York, Seoul, San Fransico plus cities in Canada and Europe that are now looking at alternative solution to public transport and walk/cycle ways. It shows that they are well ahead.

Los Angelos LA The motorway that started in the 1950s -60s shows now that is not working out. It was at the time when they thought to construct a motorways instead of having a train and tram service. Now they have got their act together to now have trains and light rail to help for the environment.

I am optimistic and believe in the integrity of the environment. I feel good that way. To move forward to something that is rewarding for the environment instead of going backwards to dirty emissions and other activities that cause more pollution. To look well ahead at clean energy and focus to sustainable jobs and living. That all helps to improve our lifestyle. I will assure you that we’ll be better off in the long-term.

Yours Sincerely,
Paul Vonwiller