Karis Sanderson , of  Majors Creek NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Legislative Updates

I have concerns about the proposed EP and A Act. I have read the proposed changes and suspect they from part of a general push to minimise community rights, and for me that morally includes mute animals and plants too. Biodiversity protection is being reduced, due to spreading population no doubts but also the the increasing power of developers, mines, and corporations/businesses such as casinos.
More particularly, the environment is assaulted and these changes form part of that. Expert agencies can be overruled, to the detriment of democracy. Climate change and toxic emissions are ignored, unlike eg the EU where such issues are paramount . Citizens are losing their protection from huge fines and arrest for peaceful protest. Planners, developers and administrators do not need to consider the negative effects of large mines, huge 'Mac houses' lacking eg water tanks and insulation, ugly skyscrapers, building or mining on reserves etc, Worst of all, proponents will be able to arrange deals in secret with planners to get their projects passed.
All this is a slide into disenfranchisement, encouraging for example right wing frustration in rural areas. Once big business can get away with anything that enriches them then the people left bereft become desperate or mentally ill. Please stop this slide and ensure that there are brakes on greed. Thank you for allowing me to submit.