(Name withheld) , of  Glebe NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Legislative Updates

I am greatly concerned about the changes to NSW Planning Policy as I believe it favours developers rather than residents. How will community consultation on new developments be regulated? For example, Visionland, who are seeking DA approvals for Bidura House in Glebe, recently consulted members of the Glebe Society as to their new DA when none of these people live near the site or were involved in opposing the last Visionland DA. Visionland quite obviously should have approached members of the Save Bidura from Overdevelopment Group which is now an incorporated body. This new policy is quite obviously open to corruption and will do little to help housing affordability. If govt is serious about housing affordablity rather than profits for developers, new affordable housing quotas should be mandatory for new DA's. Also, the notion that Environmental Impact statements will not be made available to the public if they are not favourable is completely criminal. We need to know what developers are planning so that we can have some say in our community and changes to its amenity. The new policy seems rife with opportiunities to bypass residents.