Alex Davidson , of  Glenorie NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Legislative Updates

Another year, another review, and another nail in the coffin of property rights. Since when did we vote for communism?

For that’s what this Act is leading us towards. It and these proposed changes are written as if the government is the paramount owner of everything. It is the sort of thing we might expect from the former Soviet Union or any other communist country. It has no place in Australia.

It is not the government’s role to decide what constitutes ‘good design’, nor is it the role of government to dictate how owners may or may not use their own property. Doing so completely undermines the principle, necessary for peace and prosperity, that control is determined by ownership, and not by ‘might makes right’.

Under this evil piece of legislation, the nominal owners of property are not in fact owners in the proper sense of the word. They have been reduced to nothing more than caretakers and serfs, forced to follow minutely-detailed government and council orders. In a bizarre inversion of justice, owners are compelled to run along cap-in-hand to some government or council department and beg for ‘consent’ from non-owners for even the most trivial of activities on their own property. Not only can the ensuing ‘consent’ be withheld for all manner of reasons, it is also invariably accompanied by numerous, virtually unchallengeable ‘conditions’ that turn molehills into mountains and make life a misery.

The Central Planning Act, a.k.a. the EP&A Act, has been defended by its supporters as the rule of law. If that were so, then protecting property rights would be at is heart, since that, combined with respect for contract and consent, is the basis of all legitimate law. Instead this Act directly attacks and undermines those principles by allowing all manner of non-owners to exercise control over property that isn’t theirs to control. It is the application of force to achieve outcomes " the rule of men, rather than the rule of law.

The EP&A Act should be repealed and replaced with nothing, before more damage is done to the underlying principles that have made us prosperous and free.