John Bellamy , of  Maroubra NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Legislative Updates

Sydney is forecast to be 8 billion people in 2061. With the suspension of 'urban sprawl' the only way to achieve this is up - to create massive congestion, without installing proper underground heavy rail first, this is a complete recipe for economic, environmental and social disaster.

Cities around the world have proven time and time again that when you increase density without the proper underground railway in an already congested city, you create urban ghettos.

There are 7 billion people in the world. Australia sets exactly the Net Overseas Migration to complement our existing population growth. The state then dictates where the housing goes.

As a recommendation, I would recommend urgently that all parties involved with the westconnex and the light rail, government, and business have a round table to sort out these disastrous projects that will both make congestion in Sydney worse, not better.

The light rail was supposed to deliver 9,000 capacity per hour, then 18,000, then 13,500 and now it is 6,750 passengers an hour and falling fast. Slow and dangerous, it is an albatross hanging around the governments neck, and we must come to a win win solution, like underground rail and electric buses.

Similarly the westconnex delivers congestion from Arncliffe to Newtown and Strathfield to haberfield and will only encourage more cars to the city. This project needs to be terminated and underground heavy integrated rail - all metro projects carry less people per hour so, unless you can demonstrate with real facts, that any of these projects will improve congestion in NSW, then the population growth needs to stop, until proper underground rail is established.

It appears that our government wants our city to have a density of Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. These cities, like manhattan, put in proper underground rail first.

Also - I would encourage everyone in the planning department to go to a place where this type of density without infrastructure is, and see if you still want to create this nightmare for Sydney.

Why do people want to move to Sydney from Beijing? For our blue skies,. green trees, urban space, and low pollution. All this is set to change with the tree killing, congesting motorways and low capacity infrastructure retrofitted like light rail and metro.

Should not we be going to help cities like Beijing and other polluted and overdeveloped Capitals become more like Sydney?

This is a house of cards ready to fall. We know what you are doing. Do you? IF, the Baird government had invested in proper underground, publicly owned infrasturcture - ideally paid for by developers and investors, Mike Baird may not have had to leave the party today. It is never too late to stop killing our trees and animals and to stop creating waste and pollution.

How do we do it? We already know. Our government can either become part of the environmental revolutiuon, or fall by the wayside. Australia can be the forerunner of Saving all our trees and animals, completely stopping waste and pollution.

Don't think it can be done immediately? Please contact me if you have a situation where you still need to kill trees and animals or create waste and pollution and I will work with you to achieve a win win solution.

The future of our city, state, country and planet is in your hands. See behind the glossy marketing and the change management consultants. We want marketing and change management consultants to deliver a world where we stop killing trees and animals and stop creating waste and pollution.

Anything else? If you had public heavy underground rail instead of light rail and westconnex and metro, you would have been heroes. if you work with Lend Lease, leightons,