(Name withheld) , of  NARARA NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Legislative Updates

I agree with your Government's proposal to give the Minister additional powers to direct councils to establish a local planning panel. I have property within the MidCoast Council area (formerly Great Lakes Council), and that Council has consistently endeavoured to refuse and/or delay and/or require unreasonable and expensive reports to comply with any approval, the end result of which is to make the cost of the application uneconomic.
The proposal to standardise formats would also be most welcome.
The proposal to authorise the Department to have efficient processing (out of the hands of Council), is a must.
The proposal to extend and improve complying development assessments (again out of the hands of Council) is also most welcome.
The sooner the delaying powers of Councils are removed, the sooner our State can begin building affordable housing, on affordable blocks of land.